In an interview with Dick, he was asked how he came up with this innovative idea.


"Back in the day when I was working for Morgan Shepherd on the Busch car, cars would come down pit road during practice. We would need to change shocks, or sway bars, and you go to the toolbox...and it's a frickin mess. So I said, There's got to be a better way. My brain works a little bit different than everybody else's. I can go to bed with an idea, and the next morning wake up and know how to do it. That's the way my whole life has been. I took a big sheet of aluminum, and I bent and measured. The first one I made was in his toolbox out of aluminum. Everybody saw that and said, man, that is a really good idea. So the brain went again,  I said I think I'll make this. So I had some friends from Iowa that had a tool and die shop, and they were connected with plastic injection molding. So one thing led to another, and then pretty soon I got a patent on it." -Dick Schiltz