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Mechanics from racing teams and sport shops including:


About the WrenchBoss

The "WrenchBoss" Tool Organizer was created in 1997 by Dick Schiltz, founder of SHILCO. Working as a crew member for a NASCAR Racing Team in a fast-paced, often disorganized environment, he realized the need for something to help keep his wrenches organized for quick access and efficient storage. The WrenchBoss was created using a patented design that offers the following features:

  • organize wrenches for easy location and storage;
  • allow multiple wrenches to be stacked on top of each other;
  • resizeable organizer that can be easily trimmed to fit in different sized tool chests.

While simple in design, the WrenchBoss is a highly engineered tool organizer that optimizes storage space for toolboxes or workbenches efficiently. Differing from other wrench organizers on the market by allowing the wrench to lay flat in a compartment, the WrenchBoss is the first wrench organizer which allows for the storage of multiple wrench sets from all major manufacturers in the same organizing unit.



Standard or Mertic Labels!
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The WrenchBoss can organize either standard or metric wrench sets! Each wrench compartment is labeled for quick wrench location.

The WrenchBoss goes from 9/32" to 1-1/4" in size and the Metric version goes from #6 to #24.


The WrenchBoss is easily resizeable to accommodate smaller toolboxes or wrench sets! Use the illustration on the right to see the choice of sizes.

Resizing can be done by us before your WrenchBoss ships, or you can customize it yourself using our instructions here.

Made of a heavy-duty polymer, the WrenchBoss features high tensile strength with a high modulus of elasticity. This provides the WrenchBoss with a strong yet pliable structure.

The WrenchBoss is highly resistant to breakage, corrosion, cracking and peeling. The organizer is available in either red or black.



WrenchBoss sizes
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WrenchBoss by SHILCO

Conover, NC U.S.A.

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